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Ethical Charter

At International Tax Consult we have a commitment to quality and integrity. This commitment is fundamental to meeting our responsibilities and to building and maintaining trust with our clients.This requires us to ensure that we deliver high-quality services to our clients, exercise objectivity, demonstrate our professional competence and act with due care. 


We preserve client confidentiality and only use their information for proper business purposes. 


We uphold the reputation of our clients as well as our own reputation.


We live up to our promises and respect the contractual commitments we have entered into.


We seek the facts, challenging assumptions and rumours. We are open and honest in our communication, sharing information, insight and advise constructively.


We rigourously maintain our independence. We take appropriate measures to avoid situations where personal interests conflict with the interest of our company.


We accept the right clients, that value our services and we only accept engagements that we can perform consistent with our high-quality standards.


We promote our company’s services honestly and compete fairly.


We act lawfully, respecting applicable laws, regulations and standards and we act ethically.


We prohibit bribery and corruption and do not tolerate illegal behaviour by our clients or by public officials or behaviour which is regarded as unethical.


We stay informed, participate in training, read communications and consult when necessary. We invest in the ongoing enhancement of our skills and abilities.


We believe dialogue with the authorities is often the proper way to go, as it can provide the certainty and clarity required by the client.

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