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Our Services for Banks

Our services for banks are aimed at tax compliance, tax strategy and client services.

Our services encompass tax compliance for banking institutions in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
We give advice on tax strategy and international planning in all countries of the European Union, Switzerland and the United States.

Apart from our advisory role, we also fulfil several tasks within the compliance area such as tax declarations, VAT declarations and the conclusion of agreements with the different tax authorities (rulings). The latter makes the decision making process within the bank significantly easier.

A third important element within the palette of our services is offering services to the banks clients. This ranges from all aspects of corporate banking to private banking.

Tax strategy

  • Accompany restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, cost sharing entities.

  • The development of a justified international tax planning

  • Salary split for high end employees

  • Product development

Tax formalities

  • Corporate tax declarations (France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland)

  • VAT declarations (all European countries)

  • VAT recovery and representation

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