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Our Services for Private Individuals

The challenge in assisting private individuals in their tax planning can be summarized as follows: the structuring of assets, real estate, holdings, trusts, insurance products and partnerships to assist an individual or a family in organising their affairs in a legal and official way with the intention to optimize tax legally and to respect the wishes of wealthy individuals in relation to their succession planning.

We give legal and tax advice. The jurisdictions we work in are the European countries, especially Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Switzerland, plus the United States.

Tax strategy

  • Personal income tax, avoidance of double taxation.

  • International social insurance legislation

  • Donations and succession planning

  • Tax residence and advice in relation to change of tax residence.

Tax formalities

  • Personal tax declarations (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, U.S.)

  • Wealth planning

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