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Our Services for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies rely on us for international tax planning. We were the first to discover Luxembourg as an interesting location for insurance products (1992). Since then we have built up a broad experience and a network related to cross-border insurance activities.

The insurance sector is being supported by reinsurance companies with important financial strength. We have acquired specialized knowledge in relation to captive reinsurance companies in different countries such as Luxembourg, Ireland and Switzerland. We have taken part in product development for modern insurance products that have allowed our customers to bridge the gap between the banking- and insurance sector.


We assist insurance companies in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Ireland in the domain of tax compliance and international tax strategy.


In Switzerland we are recognized by the regulator FINMA as manager of captive reinsurance companies.

Tax strategy

  • Assistance in restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, cost sharing.

  • The development of justified tax planning

  • Salary split for high end employees

  • Product development

Tax formalities

  • Corporate tax declarations (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland)

  • Accounting services (reinsurance captives)

  • Rulings

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